Video - Nissan Y60 37" Full Power!

Videos Suzuki GR Nissan Y60 37" Full Power!

Nissan Y60 37" Full Power!

Nissan Y60 on 37 Inch Fedima Sirocco's 15 CM chassis Lift, removed 500 KG of body & Chassis Engine is a 2.8 - 6 straight turbo diesel at 0.7 bar with a 3 inch exhaust. Axles are H233B Nissan axles. This is one of the first times we 'tested' the Nissan, so excuses the crappy compilation! In this video there is a limited slip diff in the back. open front. Currently it has a welded rear, and LSD in the front, also fitted with a stronger nissan Y61 front axle. Clips from playing in The Netherlands and Germany

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