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Suzuki Sidekick


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Geo Tracker with on board air.

This is my on board air setup for my 94 Geo Tracker that I just installed. I wan...

6 minutes : 30 seconds
Parking Lot Drifting Donuts

Wrapping up a long day at the ORV park with some further abuse of my bald tires.

2 minutes : 15 seconds
sidekick with samurai

waiahole hawaii

1 minutes : 7 seconds
suzuki Monster

A suzuki sidekick 1994 on 38 ins whit a volvo B21 turbo. : bad video.

1 minutes : 4 seconds
Killing a Suzuki is tougher than you think!

paid $250 for this thing....beating on it till it dies then hauling it to the sh...

11 minutes : 23 seconds
4x4ing in a stock Sidekick

McLean Creek - Labour Day 2009. The 4.5" lift is still in the mail, so I was the...

2 minutes : 50 seconds
suzuki sidekick

suzuki sidekick 97

54 seconds
2011-05-07 McLean Creek

a VERY short video of some wheeling in McLean Creek Alberta, vehicles include Fo...

1 minutes : 48 seconds
Suzuki Sidekick Crosses Creek

suzuki crosses river

24 seconds
1995 Suzuki Escudo (Vitara/Sidekick) Japanese TV-CM

Aired in 1995 and its objective is to view it again in public. *Video courtesy o...

15 seconds

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