Suzuki AX 100

Suzuki AX 100

Model: AX


Suzuki AX 100 is a two-stroke, 100 cc motorcycle from Suzuki. It was made both in Japan, India and China. The Suzuki Samurai was a similar motorcycle made by Suzuki India for Indian market. Various Chinese companies like Baccio, Jiancheng, Guerrero, Ayuco or Akt copied the design and produced mechanical copies under various names such as Dayun. Launched in the middle 1990s purely for the Far Eastern commuter market, in fact it is still made in China some 15 years on. It is the height of simplicity; a four-speed air-cooled two stroke with piston porting and a simple carburetor. A full chain guard and simple drum brakes keep maintenance tasks simple for unskilled labour, and parts inexpensive to buy, especially as they are manufactured by many different companies in China, many of poor or at best indifferent quality. Between 1990 to 2000 Suzuki motors Corporation manufactured the suzuki ax 115 cc

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Suzuki AX 100
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