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2008-11-11 22:11:34 Hey there~

Although I know Swifts only, I try it: this seems to be like engine runs in the fail-safe mode.

1. test air filter, if clogged, clean, if possible, otherwise replace it

2. check spark plugs, clean electrodes and adjust spark gap to 0,8 mm (ca 1/32") each

3. in case you have classical distributor and high-voltage cables, test them for resistance (normally about 2,5 kiloohms per feet = 7 kilooms/meter of lenght). If one or more of cables has more, than 7 kiloohm per feet resp. 20 kiloohm/meter, eventually changes the resistance if moved, replace the cable immediately. Valid for cable coil->distributor too.

5. reset the ECM: ruán the engine to get normal temperature (70-90°C), switch engine off, then disconnect negative cable from battery, switch something on (i.ex. step on brake pedal for one half of minute) and connect the cable back to battery. Crank engine on and drive about 10 miles by your normally condition.

In case you do not will feel the difference, will be necessary to switch on (to) diagnostics.

Sorry, at the Vitara I do not know, how to make the diagnosis yourself...

Try to compare with manuals for GTi, here in the section "Manuals"

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