02:03:09 86TSS hello everyone
19:21:36 mzmux hi all! Any idea where to get Suzuki Samurai 2003 user manual ? Only way is to buy it ?
10:07:49 riyadhut hard to find knob gear for sx4 sedan
10:06:21 riyadhut helloo all
15:05:32 Davor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgfphs_96lo me on rally show in croatia,swift gti,hope you like it
19:42:50 Davor help
19:33:25 Davor hi,how can i put a link of video or video here??i mean on site with videos on this suzukiclub
12:20:50 Hill sorry, you are on a Czech forum, it lives intensively there in the parallel thread (see flag). But in Czechian and Slovakian language.
21:22:29 Hill sorry, there are some experts in this english chat section few times a year only...
22:46:41 Hill Pinky, here in Europa you have to ask for door for appropriate Liana, it should be equal
19:06:51 scotchy27